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Reporting a Bee Swarm

Please ensure that you have the following handy to provide to the BeeKeeper:

  • Physical Address of where the bee swarm is located
  • Location of the bee swarm (e.g. in a bush, tree, on a fence, etc...)
  • Height off the ground (does the beekeeper need a ladder)
  • Size of the bee swarm (e.g. about the size of a football)


Once you have these details, please look at the below map to find a beekeeper or call the coordinator (details below) to arrange a beekeeper to come out and collect them.

To find a beekeeper who will collect your bee swarm

Zoom in on the map and click a marker to see a beekeepers Name and Phone number.

ABC does not warrant the services of a beekeeper(s), who all act individually, and you are most welcome to phone a different one if you are not comfortable.


- Steve Leslie, 021 141 3947


If you want to be listed as a bee swarm collector, you must Register here

**You must register with your full street address or you will not be added to the map**

Collecting Beekeepers agree to be available during working hours

If you agreed with a customer to collect a swarm, but your availability changes, you must pass the details to another beekeeper on the list.

If a bee swarm moves into a building, it is no longer a swarm, and professional service will likely be required. Discuss any resident colonies with the homeowner, but you are not obliged to do anything.