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2 hour workshop for Intermediate beekeeers by Maggie James
Steps to Successful Queen Introduction With A Mated Caged Queen To Create A Two Queen Colony


This procedure is often implemented in commercial operations in autumn, creating top splits. Top splits are often undertaken to increase hive numbers.

This talk will discuss the pros and cons of

  • how to implement
  • how to overwinter
  • 2 step introduction of a grafted queen cell.

For 20 years Maggie has been a queen bee and queen cell producer in Leeston, Mid Canterbury. She started beekeeping in the mid- 1990s and was an avid attender of local hobbyist meetings, while studying apiculture extramurally through Telford Rural Polytech. This also included a Certificate in Queen Bee Rearing with emphasis on stock selection and artificial insemination.

She was also a resource writer for L3 and L4 apiculture certificates for a division of Lincoln University, with large numbers of students from the hobbyist sector and entry level into the beekeeping industry. She also has a long history of exotic surveillance inspections.

Cost - $25.00
Date - Sunday 14th of July (the day after the AGM)
Time - 9.30 -11.30am
Location - Unitec Venue to be advised

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