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Tutorial by Maggie James

2-hour workshop - Saturday 25th of July

Entry - note donation (Koha) - 9.30am

Location - Room 1018, Building 170 Map

Tutorial Topic - Causes and controls of swarming and robbing

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Maggie has presented on several occasions to our club members, all level beekeepers (beginners and experienced) who have learned a lot from her so is well worth attending!



Bio: For 20 years Maggie has been producing queen cells and queen bees in Leeston, Mid Canterbury.

Maggie started beekeeping in the mid-1990s and was an avid attendee of local hobbyist club meetings.

While attending club meetings Maggie also studied apiculture extramurally through Telford Rural Polytech. In addition to this course, she studied to obtain a Certificate in Queen Bee Rearing which had a key emphasis on stock selection, and artificial insemination, which lead to her area of speciality.

Maggie has contributed resources and was a content writer for the L3 and L4 apiculture certificates taught at Lincoln University. These courses have seen a large number of students from both the hobbyist sector and newcomers to commercial beekeeping.

Maggie now presents many tutorials and more recently expanding on specific topics of interest which include:

  • Successful Queen Introduction
  • Flower and Bee relationships and the pollination process
  • Causes and controls of swarming and robbing
  • Sighting a hive