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Club Rules


1.    THE NAME of the Society is the Auckland Beekeepers’ Club Incorporated.

2.    THE OBJECTS for which the Club is formed are:

  • To promote the spirit of the hive, i.e. the greatest good for the greatest number
  • To operate a demonstration apiary.
  • To run regular meetings and field days for the instruction of members and for the interchange of ideas.
  • To provide demonstrations by competent beekeepers covering the activities of the hive throughout the year.
  • To provide advice and assistance to members.
  • To assist members of the public who are worried by swarms, wild hives, or bees.
  • To educate the public on the value of bees in the environment.
  • To create a feeling of “camaraderie” among beekeepers consistent with the above spirit.

3.    MEMBERSHIP  People interested in becoming members may do so by registering online via the club website and paying the relevant fees.  The fees are to be set each year by resolution at the Annual Meeting.  Membership is for 12 months from the time of registration and must be renewed annually.  Payment must be made withing 60 days of registration or renewal or membership ceases.  Any changes to fees/subscriptions will take affect at the time of your next membership renewal after 31 May each year.

4.    CESSATION OF MEMBERSHIP  Members wishing to resign must submit their resignation in writing to the Club Secretary.  Membership will lapse and no Club notices will be sent to any member whose fees have not been paid within 60 days of the due date.  To rejoin the Club the full fees as set by the last General Meeting will have to be paid.  Members may be expelled for misconduct by resolution at the General Meeting.

5.    HONORARY AND LIFE MEMBERS AND BEEMASTERS  Members may be made Honorary or Life Members or Beemasters in accordance with the Club’s published criteria and rules by nomination at the regular committee meeting immediately preceding the general meeting and if agreed a recommendation made by the committee to the general meeting.

6.    RULES  Rules may be altered, added to or rescinded at any general meeting providing that at least 14 clear days’ notice of such notion is given to the Secretary/Treasurer stating clearly the objects of such motion.

7.    MEETINGS  General Meetings shall be summoned either by circular of advertisement: - Committee Meetings by telephone: - both at least three full days before the date set.  The quorum for a general meeting shall be ten and Committee Meetings five.  The President must preside at General Meetings and Committee Meetings.
    In the absence of the President, the Vice President presides; in the absence of the Vice-President any member of the Committee elected by a majority of those present may take the chair.  An agenda must be compiled by the Secretary before all meetings an adhered to.  Any other business may be discussed or brought forward under “General Business” at the end of the Agenda.  The call for General Business must be given by the Chair three times before the meeting is closed.  The chair has a casting vote at all times, and all motions and amendments must follow the usual rules of committee procedure.

8.    VOTING at meetings shall be by Members and Life Members attending only, by a show of hands, or by ballot if so requested by at least three members.

9.    OFFICERS AND COMMITTEE shall be elected annually and shall consist of President, Vice President, Secretary/Treasurer, Auditor, and five committee members with power to add.

10.    SEAL  The control and custody of the Common Seal shall be in the care of the Secretary and when necessary shall be affixed by him/her in the presence of the President.

11.    FUNDS  The funds of the Club shall be deposited with the Auckland Savings Bank and operated upon by the Secretary/Treasurer, and/or, one member appointed from the Committee. The Secretary/Treasurer shall prepare a financial statement, duly audited and submit same to the Annual General Meeting.  The Committee has the power to invest any funds which may accumulate in excess of normal needs of the Club provided that the investment leaves the Club with reasonable access to such funds if needed.

12.    REFUNDS  will be considered by the committee on a case by case basis on receipt of an application in writing.

13.    POWERS OF CLUB TO BORROW MONEY all proposals for the Club to borrow money must be circularised to all financial members at least 14 clear days before a meeting called for the specific purpose of considering such proposal.

14.    DISSOLUTION In the event of winding up the club, all assets shall be sold, and after all liabilities have been met, the balance, if any, is to be donated to the Auckland Branch of the C.C.S.

15.    SECRETARY/TREASURER shall keep a record of all meetings; and issue receipts for all monies received; and carry out the duties usually connected with this combined office.

16.    MEMBERS RIGHTS  Should a financial member desire to know the state of the Club’s funds during the year, it will be incumbent upon such member to state so in writing to the Secretary/Treasurer at least 14 clear days before a general meeting, at which meeting the Secretary/Treasurer must produce an audited financial statement showing the state of the funds to a recent date.