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Thank you for your interest in joining our club.  Membership costs $40 per annum per person, and there is only one class of Membership.

NOTE: Beginners Beekeeping Course with Carol Downer and Kim Kneijber please join, pay your fees. Booking and paying for courses are done via your login. Membership is required (min 1 year).

Please read the two paragraphs below explaining how to register and pay.  Then click the blue link under the heading "Apply for Membership" below to provide your contact details.


Our registration process is online.  You may register:

  • just yourself; or
  • yourself and other family members.  Just add their names & details after registering your own details, then pay all the subscriptions due with one payment. 

If you are registering yourself as the Member in your family, and would like to add your partner's name without paying an extra $40 member subscription, then just enter their first and last names in the field called Partner's Name on your member record. (But note that this way they are not a Member of the club in their own right). 


After completing registration you will receive an email giving your login name (to go with the password you entered during registration) - so that you can login to your membership account.  

  • If you cannot see an email in your inbox after registration, first check your Spam mailbox.  If it is there, mark the sender as 'not spam' so future club mail goes to your e-mail inbox and not to spam.  Please read and retain your initial membership email.
  • To change your login name or password at any time, login to your membership account, and click on the 'My Details' option on the top menu.
  • Your login email contains a validation link.  Please click that link to confirm to our website membership system that the email address you entered during registration is valid and that you are receiving club mail.  This will also save you receiving further validation requests in your email inbox.

Paying for Membership

To pay your membership subscription (including for club merchandise, club courses & events) please pay at the end of registration.

If for any reason payment cannot be made (e.g. your credit card had expired) then you may pay later by logging into your member account, and selecting from the top menu:  Tasks >> Make a Payment, then follow the instructions.  

Our preferred payment option for members is to pay by credit or debit card online - it is the fastest and most secure method, and our systems update immediately to reflect your payments on your member account.


If you cannot make payment by credit or debit card; please select the 'Manual Payment' option instead to pay either: 

  • by internet banking; or 
  • by cash or cheque deposit at any branch of ASB Bank.  

When paying by internet banking or branch deposit, please pay to our bank account number, recording

  • your Surname in the Particulars field; and
  • your Reference number (in the format CH-xxxx) in the Reference field.

This ensures we know whose account to credit and can mark your membership account as paid.

For your convenience, so you have all the required details to hand when making a payment or deposit, please print the Payment Form at the end of registration (or email it to yourself and viw it on your mobile phone).  That will ensure you have the essential banking details needed to make your payment in one place, e.g: 

  • the club's bank account number,
  • your CH-xxxx reference number and
  • the amount due for payment (or email the form to your phone).

Please do NOT mail cash or cheque payments to the club's mailbox, nor pay club volunteers.

Lastly, please note that member subscriptions due and not paid within 60 days after your registration could result in your being resigned from membership per the club's membership rules.

Apply for Membership

Click here to register, and then click the 'Register Member' button on the next page

Existing Member Login and Membership renewals

Click either here (or on one of Member Login buttons on the right of each web page) to login to your member account.  

You must have registered for membership and have received your login details by email before you can login.


Existing members - Annual renewal of your membership:  

  • Your renewal notice will be emailed to you annually about a week prior to your renewal date asking you to renew your membership by paying your annual subscription.
  • If you do not intend to renew it is very helpful if you reply to the email to advise that, and will save you receiving payment reminders.
  • If you do intend to renew, please pay your renewal as soon as you can using one of the methods given under Paying for membership heading above.
  • Note that renewal subscriptions due and not paid within 60 days of your membership anniversary could result in your being resigned from membership per the club's membership rules.

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If you are interested in our club, but don't want to join as a member yet, you may add your name to our mailing list to receive a regular brief email update on recent club activities and upcoming events & courses.  To buy a course or participate in club activities you need to be a member, so once you see something in our Newsletter that is of interest, simply register for membership as above.

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