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American Foulbrood Course (DECA)


We strongly recommend obtaining a copy of the book ‘Elimination of American Foulbrood Disease without the Use of Drugs’ and also request attendance is after a period of at least 12 months beekeeping. 

AFB is a brood disease and a 12month period of beekeeping should see the beekeeper noticing what is happening in the brood area. Differential diagnosis is an important part in AFB recognition and comes with experience.


Full Day course teaching on the Detection and Elimination Of American Foulbrood Disease within hive.

This course is the complete training on detection and elimination of American Fouldbrood Disease. Applicants complete a short test at the end of the training.  Those that are successful then receive in the mail a certificate and an agreement with the Pest Management Agency which forms your Disease Elimination Conformity Agreement (DECA)

"A Disease Elimination Conformity Agreement, or DECA, is a formal agreement between you as a beekeeper and the Management Agency. The agreement sets out a 'code of beekeeping practice' to ensure that the incidence of AFB in your hives will reduce to zero over a period of time and remain at that level o­nce achieved." quoted from


Scheduled AFB Recognition Courses

Please refer to our website  below to register for an AFB Recognition Course in your area - register online and make your payment to secure your place.  We have courses running up and down the country throughout the year - check out the nearest course to you.

Any queries regarding these courses, please contact Janette on 


AFB refresher - On: 13-May-2017
AFB Refresher Course May 13th

This is a 90 min course was updated last year with excellent videos, there will be AFB frames for participant to inspect. $10 to club members, $15 Non members who need to register with Kim Kneijber Time: 1:30 Venue: building 23 (just across the road from the apiary), room to be advised.